Distant Healing: How and Why it Works (I think)

The method I use for NAET distant allergy healing is fairly straightforward.  While holding the item to be treated in my hand, I faintly keep my awareness on the patient being treated. 

Simultaneously, I visualize, step-by-step and in order, the entire NAET allergy healing procedure that I utilize when treating patients in the office. 

This procedure includes the breathing short cut, polarity non-avoidance protocol, and "closing the gates," all--with the exception of the non-avoidance procedure--included in standard NAET protocol.  That is the entire procedure for NAET distant allergy healing. 

I use a pendulum for testing.  I have found using the pendulum to be just as accurate as muscle response testing, or any other method of allergy testing, having repeatedly compared them in the clinic.

That is the "how" of NAET distant allergy healing.  Why it works is not as clear, and I'm not so sure even I understand it. 

In my case I think the five-hours-per-day that I spend in meditation has a lot to do with my success.  I have practiced Transcendental Meditation regularly for over thirty years.  TM allows one to directly experience the source of all creation, the field of pure consciousness (call it what you will), on a regular basis. 

After TM practitioners have acquainted themselves with this field of pure consciousness for some time, they are eligible to learn the TM Sidhi program.  The practitioner is given a series of formulas (sutras) that he can utilize to cause specific effects while accessing this field of pure consciousness. 

TM has allowed the practitioner to access the field of pure consciousness--the TM Sidhi program allows him to perform action while he has that access.  Since the action of performing the sutra is accomplished from the most fundamental level of existence (the field of pure consciousness), it can have a very powerful effect on the relative level of creation, the level that we experience in our daily lives. 

This act of causing profound effects by operating at a fundamental level can be compared to the power of an atomic bomb versus that of dynamite.  Explode a few pounds of dynamite, and the chemical reaction creates a fairly dramatic effect. 

Explode the same amount of uranium in an atomic reaction, and the drama increases many thousand fold.  The atomic reaction is on a much more fundamental level than the chemical one. 

I should mention here that the emphasis in practicing these sutras, however, is not on the effect they have in the relative, every-day plane of existence.  Rather, using these formulas on a regular basis happens to be a very accelerated method of developing the expansion of consciousness in the individual practicing them. 

I don't know where I am on the evolutionary scale--maybe I am just catching up to everyone else.  But I have been practicing the TM Sidhi program well in excess of thirty years, and believe me, it has had a tremendously positive influence in my life.

I am sure that for some it is not necessary to meditate in order to be able to accomplish NAET distant allergy healing.  I think we all have the innate ability to affect matter over a distance by the mere intention to do so. 

This ability only needs to be developed and used. The TM Sidhi program is not designed to specifically develop one's distant healing ability.

But this extremely powerful method of meditation, I believe, cultures this ability as a by-product of practicing it. 

I know that when I do an NAET distant allergy healing, the subjective feeling is the same as if I were practicing the sutras.  I think that when I begin the distant treatment process, from habit cultured over the years of doing the TM Sidhi program, I automatically transcend to the fundamental level of pure consciousness and treat from there.

But back to my guess at the mechanics of distant healing.  I will not burden you with an explanation here of quantum field theory, a branch of modern physics. 

But a characteristic of fields may help illustrate how distant healing could work.  Within a field, any action instantly affects the entire field. 

How far away something in the field is from something else within the field doesn't matter.  The effect of an action will be the same all across the field, instantly.  This characteristic of a field is called infinite correlation. 
Consciousness, being a field which extends throughout the universe, has this quality of infinite correlation. Any action within the field has a direct effect throughout the field. 

Since the field of consciousness which extends throughout the universe is unbounded in space, the effect is unbounded in space; i.e. distance doesn't matter. Acting from the profound and powerful level of pure consciousness-, the practionier is able to cause a powerful effect at any distance merely by intention, whether across the room or around the globe. 

Established in consciousness, he merely has to focus his intention, mentally go through the NAET distant allergy healing procedure, and the process is accomplished. 

NAET distant allergy healing by the way, although it includes the NAET protocol, is not included in NAET protocol.  No one teaches you distant healing during NAET training, at least not by the method I employ.

How effective is it?  After having treated patients at a distance thousands of times, I can see no difference between the success rate of NAET distant allergy healing and that experienced in the clinic by ourselves and other NAET practitioners. 

You do encounter the same challenges when doing NAET distant allergy healing as you do in the clinic.  Patients don't always pass their treatments on the first try. 

Sometimes it takes quite a few tries for patients with highly compromised immune systems.  Some patients may feel some discomfort during the twenty-four hour clearing time. 

Challenging patients can still be challenging patients.  But the treatment has the same effect as if it were administered first hand.

So there you have it; more than you probably ever wanted to know about what I feel makes NAET distant allergy healing work.  NAET distant allergy healing offers tremendous and fascinating opportunities. 

There are large areas of the globe that have no NAET practitioner.  Even in rural areas in the US, practically the same condition exists. 

Shut ins, friends and relatives living in isolated areas, and others in challenging circumstances will not be denied the opportunity of using one of the most effective medical discoveries of the 20th century, NAET. 

Treatment modalities impossible with conventional NAET treatments may be available with distant allergy healing.  I now know that I can visualize the item being treated and the treatment will be just as effective. 

All that is needed is the name of the item.  Therefore, obscure items or those just not in the practioner's office present no treatment problems.  

That in much more than a nutshell, is my explanation of why and how NAET distant allergy healing works.  I hope it proves instructive.

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